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The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival:

The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival:


  Qu yuan was a minister of king huai of chu during the spring and autumn period.Later, the qin army broke through the chu capital, qu yuan saw his motherland was invaded, and on May 5, in writing the final work, «huaisha», throwing stone miluo river body died, with his life has written a magnificent patriotic chapter.


  When the people of chu learned of qu yuan's death, they all threw rice balls to prevent the fish from eating qu yuan's body.Later, people use leaves wrapped rice, wrapped color silk, developed into dumplings.In early may every year, dragon boat RACES, eating zongzi and drinking realgar wine are held to commemorate the patriotic poet qu yuan


  The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, friends circle brush out a row dragon boat, eat dumplings, insert wormwood, scatter realgar festival atmosphere and miss for a long time, is those people, those tastes...



  After growing up, we seem to be less and less accompany their loved ones, the Dragon Boat Festival, remember to go home

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