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Hanger low price, quality is really good?

Hanger low price, quality is really good?

Amanda Liu 2019-10-23 18:47:58
I'm sure you'll be very familiar with the style of this hanger. Whether on amazon or alibaba, people who search for "hanger" or " wooden hanger " are sure to see it in their search results.

Yes, it has a ot of load-bearing capacity and can be added with slide-resistant bars or grooves. It is a versatile hanger and is much cheaper than other wooden hanger . It is  one of the most popular and best-slling hangers in recent years.

Many customzer will tell us why this kind of hanger in our factory looks similar to others, but the price is higher than other. Every time before I have time to introduce the difference of this kind of hanger to them, the customzers have already placed an order with those suppliers whose price is very low.

Of course, some customer pay more attention to quality, after comparing the quality of hangers of many suppliers,  even if our is a little higher than other, thry will choose to place an order in our factory. The price is different, the quality of hanger is really different.