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How to choose a suitable hook for your hanger?

  • Автор:Suki Long
  • Отпустите на:2018-12-01
How to choose a suitable hook for your hanger?

As we all know the hangers need to match the metal hook.

However, the metal hooks have many kinds and color can choose.

Then, how to choose a suitable metal hook for our hanger?

First, the metal hook have square and round two kinds, we need to according to the hanger shape to choose suitable hanger. Such as, if the hanger has a with head, then we can choose square metal hook for it, it looks more beautiful and suitable. But if the hanger have a narrow head, we will to choose round hook, because if the narrow head to make with square hook, it will be craze easily.

Second, the metal hook color, as usually the metal hook have many kinds of color, such as black, gun black, gold, rose gold, chrome, pear nickle etc.

About how to choose, we only need to remember one point, it is try to keep same of the hanger color with the metal hook color.

But if it cannot to keep same, you can according to own interests to match up them.

Did you know how to choose the metal hook for your hanger? If have any interesting and any confuse, please feel free to contact with us. We will give you our suggests.

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