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Work Flow

      We are factory of suspension, we have three different production, luxury line and end cap hanger wood production line, the line of medium-high production quality suspension and suspension of plastic material production line.


Select Material→Carve the wood Material→Joint suspension Shape→Polishing suspension surface Smooth→Drill hole for the Hook→Adjust Metal Paint Color according to the Pantone Color CU Card→Paint of packaging a new One→Polish and Check→Fill up poli-masilla on the Gap→Paint basis of painting by a suspension of Again→Dry and Check→Paint top layer twice→Dry suspension and Check→Do Logo Effect→Install Metal and suspension hook each Accessories→Pack with Bag→Place of PE foam in customized K = K Carton→Ship to the client's address

 Top end wooden hanger is hand made, they have many production processes. The paint we use is the famous painting mark-Taiwan Taiho paint, has certification of many, as adoption product of international brand standard certificate ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO/IEC 17025 and more, is the excellent company in Guangdong Province.


Prepare milling→ wood Machine→Carve wooden suspension Material→Produce the form of debugging and check suspension Paint Color according to the Pantone Color CU Card→Paint Shape→Adjust Automation Line→Check suspension Paint→Install suspension hanger hook of Metal and Accessories→Pack with protective package Way→Place suspension suspension suspensions of Carton→Ship customized to the client's address

 Medium-high end wood hanger is produced by the machine, our range of wooden hanger factory high have advanced production line, can auto-spray paint suspension, so our monthly production is very large, on 500000pcs each month.



Plastic Material adjustment with suspension Color→Change Mould→Clear last order surplus Material→Pour in New Material→Test Mould→ debug Machine→Begin Production→Cut the part nozzle surplus and the logo of Check→Do Want→Assembling suspension Clips→Pack hanger with plastic Bag→Install Metal transparent hook in shackle Head→Pack in the Carton→Ship suspensions to custom address customized

 High quality plastic suspension occur according to the machine, takes long time to change the mould of the suspension and debugging of the machine, in this process, the machine ceases to function.

    Our three different production line produce different products, I think our powerful production capacity will meet your requirements, you will find the products you want from our products. If you have any need, pls contact us with!

Shenzhen Yuntong factory suspension
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