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2019 a very great visit to our factory

2019 a very great visit to our factory

Suki Long 2019-03-09 15:06:41
2019 a very great visit to our factory

In the Friday, our customers take the first visit to our factory in the 2019.

We are very glad to welcome our customers to visit us.

About this visit, there are two customers, one of from Germany and one of from Japanese. They are aims to visit our showroom and workshop about the wooden hanger. Because they are a high end clothes shore, they are need some luxury wooden hanger to match there clothes.

For this visit in our showroom, they are choose four hanger model, it including two wooden suit hanger and two wooden shirt hanger.

And they told us will have a new order in recently, so we will arrange the hanger production for them.

This first customers visit in the new year is very nice, our factory are looking forward to your visit if you have any interesting about our hangers.

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