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Do you know Chinese QiXi festival?

Do you know Chinese QiXi festival?

Amanda Liu 2019-08-01 16:38:25
August is a new start. In a few days, the Chinese QiXi festival,which falls on July 7(according to the lunar calendar),will be celcebrated. It's also Chinese valentine's day.

We designed some new hangers for the festival in advance, men's hangers, women's hangers and children's hangers. Today's highlight is children's wooden hangers.

There is a beautiful legend about the QiXi festival in China. It is said that niu lang and zhi nv can only see each other once a year.Only on the seventh day of seventh month (according to the lunar calendar) can they their children be reunited. The holiday is a celebration of a married couple's commitment to each other and to love each other for life.

The color,size and logo of the hangers can be customized according to your requirements. We have a lot of velvet flocking hanger,wooden hangers,rubber coated hangers and electroplated hangers for you to choose from.

In this YunTong hanger factory,I wish all lovers a happy ending. If you love him or her, give him or her the best hanger.