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Chinese “Double Eleven(Singer’s day)” sales volume shocked foreign media

  • Author:Suki Long
  • Release on:2018-11-17
Chinese “Double Eleven(Singer’s day)” sales volume shocked foreign media

When it come to November 11, what’s on your mind? For Chinese people this day is shopping day. The global online shopping is developed with social economy development.

At the day, as to the old generations, it’s only an ordinary day, however, the young peoples will consider it at the Singles’s day as well as the online shopping carnival. In fact, on the November 11th recent years, Tmall and Taobao( the biggest Chinese online shopping platform) has sold out more than 10 million Yuan goods. The data had stocked the media at home and abroad. Apparently, peoples have more interests on online shopping that spend the night with their single friends.

In order to welcome this Shopping day, our factory also pushed some promotion policy for our hangers. There are have discount for some model hangers and will be get our surprised gift with Chinese traditional style.

All kinds of hanger will be have promotion activity. Such as wooden hanger, plastic hanger, metal hanger, and others hangers.

Do you have any interesting for our hangers? If you have any interesting, please feel free to contact with us.


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