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Do you know the custom of Chinese Dragon boat festival?

  • Author:Suki Long
  • Release on:2019-06-03
Do you know the custom of Chinese Dragon boat festival?

Dragon boat festival is Chinese traditional festival with very long time history.

This festival is original from souvenir a ancient poet--Quyuan. In these day, many different place have special custom to souvenir this day. Let’s to see it.

1. Dragon boat race. This race is the main custom of Dragon boat festival.

2. Eating Zongzi, Zong zi is a kinds of food. It material is rice and bamboo leaf. When we make it, need to cook thoroughly it fist, then make it to a triangle covered by bamboo leaf.

3. Expelling five poisonous vermin. People use colorful paper to cut the five poisons such as scorpion, gecko, centipede and toad into paper-cuts, or paste them on doors, Windows, walls, kang, or tie them on children's arms to avoid poisons.

4. Drinking regular wine. Used to repel insects and eliminate five poisons.

5. Hanging mugwort and calamus

Do you know the customs of the dragon boat festival?

For these day, we will have a holiday from Jan 07 to 09 for this festival. And now is our factory sales season, many hanger orders are scheduling. If you have any hanger demand in the next half year, please feel free to contact with us.


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