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We sanctions against huawei

We sanctions against huawei

Amanda Liu 2019-05-29 19:14:57
On May 15, the United States began to impose sanctionsHuawei. US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order declaring tostate of emergency. Citing "technological cybersecurity", tradeDepartment added huawei and 70 of its affiliates to its "entity list"export controls. Once listed as a physical entity, it means that huawei cannotuse hardware and software, not just chips, including Windows, Android, etc.So the "big dose" of American medicine will crush Huawei?

Kill ten thousand and lose eight thousand. TheThe United States would hurt not only huawei but also global supply chains, including the United States.technology giants like Intel, Microsoft and Oracle! It is understood that about 5percent of qualcomm's revenue comes from huawei. Beyond that, huawei wasplan ahead. I believe that these days, everyone has seen a letter fromPresident of huawei haisi to employees.

The letter said: "today, the darkest ofdays, is the day when every son and ordinary daughter of haisi becomes a heroof The Times! "

Many years ago, thousands of Haisi employeeswent to the most tragic long march in the history of science and technology forcreate "spare wheel" for the survival of the company to doan assumption that would never have happened - expecting all advanced chips andtechnologies in the United States would not be available one day.

The president of haisi said that these effortsof haisi can guarantee the strategic safety of most huawei products and thecontinuous supply of most products.

The department of commerce could in the short termresize some commercial restrictions on huawei to give it a 90 days"General temporary license" to continue to purchase US goods to helpkeep existing networks and equipment for US customers, but huawei will do it againit is not allowed to buy parts to make new products.

The future is the competition of science andtechnology, we should work together to make progress together instead of usingsome informal means to curb the development of rivals. Hopefully China andthe United States can achieve a friendly and common development.